We started collecting roses in 2004.  Since then we have planted more than  1000 different varieties of Tea, Floribunda, Climbing, Ground Cover,  English, Shrub, Moss, Patio, Mini and Historical roses. We prefer repeat  flowering roses and have concentrated mainly on those varieties which offer  this characteristic.  We also prefer fragrance, but beauty can sometimes take  precedence over scent. Many bushes have been easy to grow, while a few  have proven very difficult.  Most have been easy to obtain and others we had  to wait several years to acquire.  Some of our roses we grafted ourselves and  in the last few years we have grown our first roses from seed.  We also grow  our own rootstocks for grafting.  In 2011 we identified a few of the decades old roses that were planted in our garden by Péter’s parents and we discovered  our very first sport!  In 2012, we hope to try hybridizing roses again. We have purchased most our bushes from many different countries including  the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark,  Hungary and the USA.  Some nurseries have been wonderful to work with  and others not.  We put links to those we have enjoyed working with below.  We depend on many resources for information and we have listed these below  as well.  We have listed our rose varieties, rose photos and the roses we have  for sale on separate pages which are accessible from the menu bar on this  page.  We hope you enjoy roses as much as we do!  But he that dares not grasp the thorn  Should never crave the rose."   Anne Bronte Rose Information Resources The ULTIMATE, cannot live without rose resource is Help Me Find! Other good resources Rose Books Resource Books Botanica's Roses (published by Random House) The American Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses (by Charles and Brigid Quest- Ritson) Modern Roses XII (by American Rose Society) The English Roses (by David Austin) Climbing Roses of the World (by Charles Quest-Ritson) Classic Roses (by Peter Beales) Roses (by Peter Beales) Pleasurable Reads For Love of a Rose (by Antonia Ridge) In Search of Lost Roses (by Thomas Christopher) A Rose by Any Name (by Douglas Brenner & Stephen Scanniello) The Language of Roses Red - "I Love You", Courage, Respect White - "You're Heavenly" , Innocence, Purity, Pure Love Yellow - Joy, Gladness, Friendship Orange - Enthusiasm, Desire Pink - "You're Lovely", Perfect Happiness Light Pink - Conveys Admiration Deep Pink - "Thank You" Lavender - Sincerity Red and Yellow - Congratulations Red and White - Unity Orange and Yellow - Passionate Thoughts Pink and White - "I Love You Still and Always" The Meaning of Flowers Daisies - Innocence Irises - Faith Violets - Sent in response to roses, say that you return the senders love USA Our Joy and Happiness Budapest Recommended Rose Nurseries More Recommended Rose Nurseries  which also have great selection and service! Germany United Kingdom France Belgium/Denmark/Netherlands